Hi everyone!

The Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (AMLC) are setting out with great excitement and enthusiasm to claim the Guinness World Record © Record of ‘The Largest Parade of Camping Vehicles (RVs)’ from the current record holders, the Italians, on Sunday 26th May 2019.

In 2007 an attempt was made to break this record but unfortunately it fell short by 43 vehicles. The AMLC will be using the same location which is just outside of Barcaldine on the Aramac Road and I can assure you all that there will be participants, who were actually in the first ‘longest line’, who will gladly participate again as it was such a fun time.

There were motorhomes, campervans and fifth-wheelers and this time we, the AMLC, are including commercially made caravans, so welcome to all. You don’t need to be a Lion to participate.

The governing rules for this event have changed dramatically since last time, so we would appreciate your reading these rules on the website so we can all work together towards the same goal which is ‘claiming this record’ for the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club and Australia!

On Saturday evening 25th May 2019, we will be conducting another event in anticipation of claiming the record for the ‘Longest Connected Image Made of LED Rope Lights’ where the record sits at 655 metres. We will venture out to the event area on the Saturday, possibly starting sometime after lunch, so we can prepare for the ‘rope lights’ display and to fill out the Participants Documentation required for the ‘longest ‘line’ on the Sunday.

This will be a child and pet friendly event and we look forward to seeing you all stepping up to these challenges as part of the good old Aussie spirit!

Event Coordinator

Joycelyn Bennetts