1. Written proof of official closure of road
  2. Route to be marked
  3. Drivers to have FULL drivers licence
  4. License plate numbers of all vehicles participation
  5. All vehicle must be moving
  6. Minimum distance of parade 3.2km (from starting line to finish line)
  7. Official signs for Start and Finish lines
  8. Vehicles unable to complete must be deducted from total count
  9. Stewards positioned at 1km intervals and reports to witnesses
  10. No significant ‘gaps’ in flow of vehicles and no more than two vehicle-lengths apart
  11. Name of organisation making the attempt must be given with date and place
  12. Event to take place in public place
  13. Record attempt in restricted area with entrances/ exits clearly marked and controlled
  14. Number of vehicles to be accurately confirmed by a method approved by GWR
  15. Special measures in place to ensure vehicles are not counted twice
  16. Verification method to be sent for approval using Correspondence function
  17. The entire attempt must be filmed. Both the entrances and exit be monitored by uncut, time-stamped video which must be submitted with the evidence
  18. An aerial photo of vehicles or photo showing parade to be submitted, with standard photos of the attempt when under duratio


  1. The role of the independent witness, or in certain cases, the auditing team, is to oversea the attempt as a whole and confirm the final total after having observed the entire process.
  2. At least two independent witness statements must confirm the exact and final figure of the total vehicles as well as attest that all guidelines were followed during the attempt
  3. The independent witnesses must personally perform the counting process or directly observe it.
  4. One of the independent witnesses must be a specialist independent witness who can confirm that all participating vehicles are of the correct type for the record attempt. Examples of suitable independent witnesses for this category are race engineer, automotive design engineer, specialist motorsport journalist or other expert; or committee member of a relevant automotive club or association. Other types of expert may be accepted, but the applicant should confirm their suitability with their Record Manager prior to the attempt.
  5. All attempts greater than 5,000 vehicles must be overseen by a professional auditing firm, with a report submitted by auditor(s) present at the attempt containing all details of verification as well as the final total. This report is in addition to the two independent witness statements.


Vehicle must be counted individually by an efficient, accurate method upon entering the venue. The below counting methods are acceptable when performed accurately and in accordance with all guidelines outlined above. Guinness World Records may accept additional methods, provided these methods are pre-approved.

  1. Barcoded ticketing system
  2. Wristbands
  3. Turnstiles


  1. One cover letter explaining the context of the record attempt.
  • date, time and exact location of attempt
  • chosen witnesses
  • record attempt measurement
  • full details of person(s) / organisation attempting the record including
  • details on the preparation for the attempt

2. Two independent witness statements confirming that the rules above have been adhered to and must explicitly state the exact and final figure of the total vehicles.

  • statements must describe the counting process and overall attempt in detail
  • one of these statements must be prepared by a specialist independent witness, as described under ‘Witness Requirements’ above

3. Where a venue has 5000 vehicles or more an official auditors report must be submitted from an independent, professional auditing firm and must confirm the exact and final figure of the total vehicles taking into account any vehicles whom the stewards deducted from the total, as well as all details of the verification process.

4. Photographic evidence of your attempt taking place capturing the details provided by the independent witnesses. The photographic evidence must include an aerial photo of the crowd or a photo showing the entire group.

5. Video evidence of the entire record attempt, from start to finish that enables us to confirm the measurement achieved, that the guidelines have been adhered to and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses. In addition, all entrances and exits must be monitored on video and the counting process must be clearly visible in the video too.

6. Schedule 2 should be signed by you when you are sending the evidence which you either own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use..

7. If you include any photographs or video in your evidence which you do not own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use, then you must include Schedule 3.

8. Media articles (newspaper, online, TV or radio) should be submitted as part of the evidence requirements. This is not compulsory evidence.

9. Please read the Guide to Your Evidence document, where you will find further information about the evidence requirements and evidence templates. It is paramount this document is read before you submit your evidence.  


 Documentary evidence

Witness statement 1

  1. Specialist witness statement 1
  2. Auditors report
  3. Photographic evidence
  4. Video evidence
  5. Video of the entrance / exits
  6. Schedule 2 (signed)
  7. Schedule 3 (signed)
  8. Media articles
  9. Cover letter                 


  1. Record is measured in meters and centimetres with equivalent imperial measurement in feet and inches.
  2. LED rope lights are defined as flexible plastic tubes containing multiple LED light bulbs, commonly used for decoration purposes.
  3. Details of type(s) of LED rope lights used in the attempt must be submitted with the claim.
  4. To be physically connected with no gaps in between to form a single long rope. Adhesive tape may be used to connect the individual ropes , however it must not obscure the LED lights or be a prominent part of the image.
  5. LED rope lights must be of a suitable standard quality.
  6. At a given signal the LED rope lights must be turned on simultaneously and stay lit for a minimum of five minutes.
  7. Two experienced timekeepers (e.g. from local athletics club) must time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 second.
  8. The overall length of the LED rope lights used to make the image must be taken by a qualified surveyor in the presence of the two independent witnesses. A signed and dated statement with the results of the measurement must be submitted, along with a proof of qualification of the person taking the measurement.
  9. The record is based on the connected length of LED rope lights used to make the image. However, overfall number of LED rope lights mued must also be supplied with the claim